2018 Summer Management Program - Application

Application deadline is March 21, 2018 at 11:59 AM.

If you have any questions, please contact Francie Powers at powersfv@wfu.edu. Once admitted, students may contact Francie Powers to apply for scholarships.
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Excel Workshop: We believe that Excel skills are important as you learn the fundamentals of business. The Summer Management Program is pleased to provide Excel training as part of the curriculum. Please read the following descriptions of our Excel workshops and select the workshop that best fits your needs. Your selection has absolutely no bearing on your admissions. Please check one of the following three levels.

  Excel Fundamentals: new or inexperienced Excel users. If you looking to get started using Excel, this workshop is for you. Skills you will learn include:
  • Creating and formatting worksheets
  • Applying basic mathematical formulas to data in worksheets
  • Displaying data in charts and easy to read formats
  Excel Intermediate: experienced Excel users who have not yet reached the advanced level. Students will manipulate and analyze data including using mathematical functions. Skills you will learn include:
  • Detailed understanding of the parts of Excel charts including editing and formatting charts, references, and range names
  • Displaying charts in MS Word and PowerPoint documents
  • Using conditional formulas (e.g., IF, AND, OR, NOT, or COUNTIF)
  Excel Advanced: experienced Excel users who are proficient in the above Fundamentals and Intermediate skills and beyond. Students will manage, analyze, and share data using multiple formulas and functions, using conditional functions and formatting, and using linked cells and shared workbooks including PivotTables and Pivot Charts. Skills you will learn include:
  • Advanced and Dynamic Excel Charts
  • Data tables and Solver functions
  • Excel Shortcuts